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Microgaming Dedicated a Slot Casino Game to Deadmau5
Microgaming Honours Deadmau5 with a Slot Machine

Microgaming, the pioneer of online casinos, and Deadmau5, the most renowned electronic music producer from Canada, partnered in one of their biggest projects yet! Their collaboration resulted in a high-volatility video slot with EDM background instrumentals and laser light shows. The slot machine is designed to not only charm Deadmau5 fans but also enable the software vendor to stretch its fanbase to the EDM market, one of the fastest-growing music genres on the planet. Read on to learn more about Deadmau5 and the dedicated slot machine.

Who is Deadmau5?

Joel Thomas Zimmerman, popularly known as Deadmau5, is one of the most recognized electronic music producers and DJs. The DJ is also the founder of mau5trap, a music label he launched in 2007, intending to expand his music empire. Due to his contribution to the music industry, Deadmau5 has received six Grammy Award nominations, including one for Best Dance Recording for his project Raise Your Weapon, in which he featured Greta Svabo Bech. His influence in the electronic dance music genre is unfathomable, making him one of the highest-paid EDM DJs in Canada and the world. Since he started his career, Deadmau5 has also made multiple video game appearances. For example, he is a playable avatar in the 2010 video game DJ Hero 2. He is also in the Goat Simulator video game and the game PeterPalooza. Deadmau5 recently made a debut in the iGaming scene after Microgaming developed a slot machine named after him. This makes Deadmau5 one of the few music artists and celebrities to have casino games.

The Deadmau5’s Branded Online Casino Slot by Microgaming

Deadmau5 is one of the most creatively designed video slots that features a 5×3 setup and an RTP of 95.22%, and maybe the most popular game choice noted at Canadian online casinos. In addition, the game comes with 243 paylines and can be played with a minimum coin value of 0.20. The branded slot is uniquely designed with exciting themes and interactive features that immerse online casino gamers in a new world of EDM. To bring the EDM vibe to life, the game developer added laser light shows and a couple of songs by Deadmau5, including the popular Monophobia and 4Ware. Furthermore, they included a Wild symbol which the Deadmau5 mask represents. The wild replaces all the symbols except the Deadmau5 mask with an agitated grin scatter symbol. On the other hand, five or more scatter symbols on paylines can multiply your stake by 250x.

Other high-value symbols include four women continuously dancing along to the music. If you align 5 of the highest paying women symbols on a payline, you receive 10x your stake. Other icons include Diamonds, Spades, Hearts, and Clubs. Besides, pay attention to the Drop Wild feature, which transforms reels 4, 3, and 2 into a fully wild reel. The maximum win you can enjoy from the slot is 2,100x your stake making it one of the most enticing video slots. Deadmau5 is one of the most notable slots that will see you enjoy rolling reels, a function in all phases. Luckily players can enjoy this slot at the best CA online casino sites, and if you are not sure which casinos fall under this category, you can always rely on opinion. If you are a music-themed slots fan, you’ll discover many other popular slots by Microgaming, like Guns N’ Roses, Motorhead, DJ Wild, Karaoke Party, Megadeth, Jimi Hendrix, and many others. Microgaming never fails to deliver top-notch game content, and the Deadmau5 slot is just one of the limitless choices.

The Partnership Between Microgaming and Deadmau5

Besides his unmatched skills in the studio and behind the deck, Deadmau5 is an avid player who occasionally frequents the top casinos in Canada. This combination saw him land one of the biggest deals with Microgaming, a software-developing company founded in 1994. The partnership resulted in the development of the Deadmau5 slot machine, which launched on 11th November 2020. This game cements the legacy of Deadmau5 as one of the best EDM artists and the most accomplished DJ. Thanks to this collaboration, EDM fans can finally relate to the virtual gaming world in a fashionable way. You should note that this did not happen overnight. It took multiple meetings, thousands of design hours, and development to develop such an amazing slot machine.

Other Notable Collaborations by Deadmau5

Since his rise to fame, Deadmau5 has become one of the most prominent figures in Canada. It is why his separation from his wife, Kelly Zimmerman, was among the most popular celebrity breakups in the tabloids. Apart from that, Deadmau5 has remained consistent with his career, enabling him to bag various endorsements and collaborations.

For instance, in 2021, Deadmau5 partnered with Mintbase to launch an NFT collection. Mintbase is a popular NFT marketplace known for running on a carbon-neutral NEAR blockchain. The collaboration saw his song « This is Fine » released on the platform. Also, Deadmau5 recently worked with Fintech Zytara to launch a branded online banking solution. The partnership enables Deadmau5’s fans to interact with the artist’s brand through the Zytara mobile application. According to the CEO of Zytara, the deal was more than a usual partnership as the collaboration aimed to help with Zytara’s creative direction. Finally, Deadmau5 partnered with Coco Vodka in mid-2022. The alliance will allow fans to purchase cans of the drink at different Deadmau5 events. This marked the entertainer’s first partnership with an alcoholic drink.

Final thoughts

Deadmau5 is by far one of the most recognized EDM artists and Disk Jockey who has managed to grow his brand beyond the borders of Canada. The DJ’s passion and consistency have seen him partner with some of the world’s biggest brands, including Microgaming, to create his slot machine. Deadmau5’s video slot is entertaining, has fantastic themes and graphics, and is among the top 10 Canadian casino games. Furthermore, it comes with a maximum payout of 2,100x your wager, making it very entertaining. Finally, it features captivating EDM background instrumentals sourced from Deadmau5’s music collection.

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