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Thanks to Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout, baseball is exploding!

In the final of the World Baseball Classic, the United States was battling against Japan, and this duel was going to be explosive because of two names: Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout.

A scenario worthy of Hollywood, no less! Two of the best players on the planet, if not the two best, playing for the same team in the MLB, the Los Angeles Angels, battling for the big Classic. WOW!


In the last few weeks, baseball fans have been treated to some very high quality baseball, also rekindling many extinguished flames in some fans.

That said, the Americans took the field as defending champions, and they lost 3-2 to the impressive Japanese and the GREAT Shohei Ohtani.

To get back to the Hollywood chapter, it came down to the ninth inning, where Ohtani came to the mound to close the books. He started his shift with a walk to Jeff McNeil, only to force a double play to Mookie Betts.


At that point, the score was still 3-2 in favor of Japan with one out to go.

Trout came to the plate to battle his opponent, friend and teammate on the Angels. Fans of the “ball” witnessed a great battle between the two stars, where Ohtani got the better of Trout by passing him in the mitt… thus giving the championship to his nation.

Here is this spectacular battle between the Japanese and the American:


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It happened on a… June 10


“The Sopranos” series finale on HBO (infamous “cut to black” ending).


The Spirit Rover is launched, beginning NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover mission.



CFL Montreal Concordes lose to Toronto in their first game; football team will later revert to former name, the Alouettes, but eventually fold.


The Six-Day War ends: Israel and Syria agree to a cease-fire.


John Diefenbaker (C) elected Prime Minister of Canada.



Saab produces its first automobile. Defunct in 2012.


Italy declared war on France and Britain. In addition, Canada declared war on Italy.


Alcoholic Anonymous was founded by William G. Wilson and Dr. Robert Smith.



The Jardin des Plantes zoo opened in Paris. It was the first public zoo.


Benjamin Franklin tests the lightning conductor with his kite-flying experiment.

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It happened on a… June 9


The LIV Golf Professional Tour begins its activities in London. Phil Mickelson and more than a dozen golfers have been suspended by the PGA Tour for participating in the series, which is supported by the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund.


French Open Men’s Tennis: Rafael Nadal beats Austrian Dominic Thiem 6-3, 5-7, 6-1, 6-1; 3rd straight French singles title; 12th overall; first to win 12 singles titles at same Grand Slam; 18th major.


Over 1 million people protest in Hong Kong over proposed new extradition laws to China in one of largest-ever protests in the city.


Edward Snowden publicly makes his identity known as the leaker of NSA documents.


Patrick Roy (Colorado Avalanche) became the first National Hockey League (NHL) player to win three Conn Smythe Trophies. The award is given to the playoff’s Most Valuable Player.



Canadiens beat the Los Angeles Kings 4-1 to clinch their 24th Stanley Cup title in the 100th anniversary season.


Pittsburgh Penguins pick Mario Lemieux as their number one draft choice in the NHL Entry draft.


Brian Jones leaves the Rolling Stones after developing a serious drug problem



Donald Duck makes his debut in “The Wise Little Hen”.


Jacques Cartier became the first to sail into the river he named Saint Lawrence.

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Did Trump deliberately destroy compromising images at Mar-a-Lago?

Did the Trump clan deliberately flood a Mar-a-Lago room containing the servers for the surveillance system at the former president’s Florida residence?

At least, that’s what prosecutors think in the case over the top secret documents held at Mar-a-Lago, by the former president, and illegally!

Getty Images

According to CNN and the prosecutors on the case, after a series of rather dubious events, an employee allegedly drained the Mar-a-Lago swimming pool last October, and the water ended up very suspiciously in the Mar-a-Lago basement room where the computer system and surveillance video recordings of the entire golf club, including Trump’s personal residence, would be.

The troubling incident reportedly came some time after a second request from the FBI and Justice Department to retain additional surveillance camera footage related to the case.

Getty Images

A Mar-a-Lago employee was reportedly met by prosecutors following the bizarre incidents, and according to CNN, computer equipment was fortunately not damaged in the flood.

Getty Images

But now we learn tonight (June 8) that Donald Trump will be charged with at least seven counts related to the Mar-A-Lago documents case!

Stay tuned…

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